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SMKBA was originally established with the intent of creating an avenue where local attorneys can join in an effort to provide pro bono legal assistance to the indigent and less fortunate in our community. In fact, our bylaws encourage our members to contribute in a meaningful way. We are very proud and grateful that our members are always eager and up for the challenge to do so. We have provided thousands of pro bono hours to the community throughout the years. In fact, the Dade County Bar Association’s Put Something Back Program has recently recognized SMKBA as having provided over $2,507,000.00 worth of attorney hours to their pro bono project!

This year, the Dade County Bar Association has bestowed upon the SMKBA the very distinguished Put Something Back Pro Bono 2010 “Outstanding Bar Association” Award. We are very humbled by that honor and the recognition that is being given to our very generous members for all of the work that they do for the community.

We strive to assist our members in every way possible when accepting pro bono cases. Providing access to CLE, PSB training and mentoring whenever possible has proven to be an asset to our volunteer attorneys. Additionally, we are very excited to have recently partnered with Keiser University’s Paralegal Studies Program (Kendall Campus) to assign paralegal students to pro bono cases accepted by our members. It has proven to be a very successful program for our attorneys and the students that participate. More information regarding our pro bono paralegal program is below.

For those members that have not yet taken on a pro bono case of their own, have finalized another case on behalf of the pro bono section (thank you!), or may be able to handle an additional case, we urge you to check on pro bono cases currently available through the Put Something Back Program. Please log on to, where cases are listed. It takes only a few minutes to register.

If you are interested in making a contribution in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the SMKBA or the Pro Bono Committee Chair at [email protected].

Thank you,
The South Miami Kendall Bar Association, Pro Bono Committee



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