About Us

The South Miami Kendall bar Association was first formed to allow the growing number of attorneys in the area to work together and provide legal assistance to the community, to provide support and guidance to lawyers in the area and to develop a working relationship between the members of the local bar.

Throughout the years, our organization has developed into one of the main support systems for many indigent and otherwise needy individuals who we assist in our many Pro Bono Programs. Our Pro Bono Clinics have provided free legal support to members of our community and allowed legal access to thousands of individuals with guidance from our members.

The South Miami Kendall Bar Association has more than 100 members and each year we grow as the community grows and the population of lawyers in our area grows. We range in legal practice from Real Estate, Probate, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Collection and Corporate matters. Our members have been in practice for enough years to have seen it all and we continue to welcome new members who will take us into the future and beyond.

Our group of lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that their clients are well represented and we are proud of the lawyers and law firms that make our group one of the leading voluntary bar associations in the State of Florida and clearly the best in the South Florida area.

From our inception well into the future we look forward to serving our individual clients, our community and our members.